Saturday, June 03, 2006


If one is pure and upright in deed,
and if one grasps the cords of love
existing in the roots of one's soul,
one shall be able to ascend to every
level in all the supernal universes.

If one should ask,

"Why should I believe in the Infinite" you should tell one. You ought to know that everything which is visible or perceptible to the heart is finite. Every limited thing has an end and every finite thing is not perfect. Therefore, there must be that which is without limit and which is called the infinite. It is absolute perfection in complete unity which does not change. If it is without limit, there is nothing beside it. Since it is sublime, it is the root of all things visible and unseen. Since it is hidden, it is the basis of faith and of disbelief. The masters of speculation admit that they are unable to grasp it except by saying what it is not.

May you have a pleasing weekend!
May you have safe passage, wherever ye may travel to!