Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tree of Space & Time

Quantum mechanics implies that even a tree string interacts with space-time. The sum over histories includes world-sheets corresponding to strings materialising from the vacuum and joining up with the string, or breaking off and disappearing into the vacuum.

The tree not as an analogy or metaphor for spacetime,
but as a simile for Time in the timeline of spacetime.
Remaining that Space around us where there is no Time.

note: the seed is no longer there, it turns into the tree, in which case there can be no singularity or remnant of the beginning of origen, since when the seed sprouts it usually loses its outer casing too, But is it so, is the tree not the seed that has become the tree. And though it may appear to us the seed has disappeared it is the centre of the tree from whence the root and branches (both) flow forth in time. Therefore the centre of the universe becomes its widest point from whence it expands and all else flows in time.

Having said that of course we are talking of a tree sprouting and growing in the landscape of an existing universe.

I also had a debate about a 13.7 +/- 0.2 billion (light) years old tree having 13.7 billion rings with lubos. Except of course for that analogy to be comparative we are still interpreting light years as being equivalent to solar years. And size (width) tree rings are representative of annual growth, but the rings are not representative of the length of a year. If the solar year were 36.5 days the tree would still grow one ring? If the solar year were 3.65 days the tree would still grow one ring? If the solar year were only 0.365 days long the tree would still grow one ring?

Day here being the 24 hour period of the earths revolution, independent of the speed at which it revolves around the Sun. The solar year measued not by the 365 revolutions of the earth, but rather the solar orbit completed whilst the earth completes 365.25 revolutions.

So now, you've made me in one fell swoop discard the original singularity, or any necessity for its existence (or any remnants?) the universe having emerged from the centre of the seed, like the chic emerges from its egg - but still into an existing universe.

The landscape still looks to me as the equivalent of a book Atlas and its pages, representing the round Earth and its 3Dimensions on 2D.The lanscape implies further universes to which we can travel to on an intercity train or Eurostar, through the channel tunnel.

The reality I feel is much more akin to all possible universes converge [in] not converge [into] but converge IN this One Universe or Susskind's Megaverse. The different lifeforms exist right under our noses, the different physical conditions exist in the very planets in our solar system, in the very stars and galaxies that form our Universe.

After all, what would a physical being on Venus Jupiter or Mars look like, even a being from the Moon would be unrecognisable, alien or maybe invisible to us travelling (living) in our 3D+T space suits (and human space ships).
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