Monday, September 11, 2006

Window on the Universe

Mass transfer to blackhole iscap columbia education

The Universe does not have (or need) a definite (defined) shape any more than the earth's atmosphere does or has.

Susskind's imaginary pocket universes are the galaxies in our Universe. Smolin's (bulk) blackholes are in our universe, their event horizon or 'boundary' as we have established is set by the 'shock waves' and gravity - like the 'boundary' of the earth's atmosphere - but on a massive solar system scale, or supermassive galactic scale.

Earth and our Solar System is a 'drop' in the Ocean, which is the Universe. The Universe is composed of countless such droplets.

Mathematical equations & gamma radiation give us measures to work with, just like the shores of England define the geographical landmass, but not even the British Empire presumed to claim England was the universe. For sure they believed they were the centre of the Universe, and used Naval ships to extend military rule to the farthest corners of earth 'their dominion'

But they never 'controlled' the world or had the true picture of the world. They had their portion. Wireless Internet has its portion, if it integrates tv channels it increases its wavelengths, but will one corporation ever own or dominate all wavelengths. No, since it is not permitted by the Monopolies Commision.

I would insert the link to dividing up space (China, EU, US, Russia) recently in one of the science journals, but can't find the link.

9 billion light years radius not forgetting a ly is a measure of distance, ie the distance light would travel in 9 billion years. But how did we measure 9 billion years, you might as well measure infinity, since with presentt technology and according to the current established laws of physics we cannot travel at the speed of light.

Even if we were travelling at the speed of light it would take us 9 billion years to reach where today's cosmic event horizon is 'perceived' or 'alleged' to be. But unless you are of the flat earth mindset, and believe that once you reach this artificial boundary you would fall off the face of the universe, the likelihood is that your (instrumental) cosmic event horizon would still be 9 billion light years away from you, even when you reach the periphery in space where someone on earth perceives this artificial boundary or 'cosmic event horizon' to be ... ad infinitum

So we 'measure' things out there, but we have been given a mental picture of the boundary of bigbang in spacetime which just does not hold true in my mind

Spacetime needs no 'physical' boundary, Spacetime is a space in Space. Just like earth is a planet in the solar system, the sun holds a solar system in our galaxy, and many other galaxies float around in Space, 'independently' from our galaxy in the Space we call the Universe, with I dare say their very own cosmic event horizons.

There seems to be an almost deliberate attempt to deceive minds with a magician's trick or illusion. We talk about other dimensions, when really we are talking about sub-atomic dimensions which do not alter our four dimensions. Then we attempt to project them onto the bulk as a brane (membrane or landscape) by some conjuror's trick.

For sure microscopic & subatomic universes (and nano-technology) exist in their dimension under an electron microscope. However parallel worlds, exist on different wavelengths in our world not beyond some event horizon. Unless you classify the limits (boundary) of wavelengths as event horizons
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