Monday, October 23, 2006

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Hi Plato,
whilst I have no problem following the process of thought in Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths

I am still of the opinion that Science and knowledge only reveal what is possible: Mobile phone communications will not work unless we follow the processes by which they work. Computing & The Internet does not work, and does not work faster unless we follow 'defined' steps.

Of course there are many programmes, many computer languages - and the hardest of all is the 'perfect' or accurate computer (maths) translator among the many human languages.

Theories on the other hand are not necessarily fact or truth.
The theory of the big bang is a theory - it does not tell us the origin of the Universe or the actual cause of it, any more accurately than the Koran
The theory of Evolution does not tell us the origin of biological life, and even less the origin of human life, certainly no more clearly than the Bible or the Koran
And neither theory tells us of the origin of Mind - and only ignorant man would presume that Mind is something peculiar only to human 'beings'

We can only interpret the Physical world by observation and theory, but the eye and mind can often be deceived by men's lies, or even by a trick of the light.
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