Saturday, November 11, 2006

Riding with the Clouds


Awaken to Another Majestic November Morning
puffy white cotton clouds floating lazily in the blue sky
The gentle breeze softly blowing the leaves in the wind,
the 'chill' still in the air warming from the mild radiance
of the bright and yellow star, the sun high up in the sky

And so Nature each dawn brings in the new day
the spirits of horses riding clouds like sun rays
they run and they run just for fun and just to play
this is the nature of spirited horses, this is nature's way
so let me here wish you all a great weekend and a good day!

The one left behind and others from Angel Dust @ Mischief Angel
Showing off some of my paintings from Mysti @ Season for Angels
Sackett's good morning kiss by Montana Gypsy @ katies kaleidoscope
Barn work - Buster with Phil and others from TRF @ Life with Horses