Friday, December 15, 2006

Redchrono Lights

Photo "Car Dasboard Display" courtesy of Ghost Particle

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Redchrono Electronic Xmas Lights

Some say I'm a particle, some say I'm a wave
oscillating at Xmas parties or New Year's rave
I even cheer-up Santa's Grotto, Santa's cave

A thousand airport runways at night I pave
every safe landing, pilots from error I save

People try to tell me where & how to behave
or which way they want me to pass & wave
if you are lucky I'll pretend to be your slave
but nothing can hold me down not the grave

The star on top, the xmas fairy she's a babe
but on Xmas trees, I'm all the children's fave

You can turn me on, you can turn me off
but never ever call me David Hasselhoff
A flick of the switch, and I'll start to glow
if you really want I'll put on quite a show
but mostly I just like to go with the flow

Thru the day & thru the night I like to play
I like to flicker on your dashboard display
Many lights you can see as you race thru town
Many lights when you cruise and travel around

In your car & dashboard display I'm the king
on the electronic dashboard I'm the real thing

I can be seen from near, can be seen from afar
but you know there is really nothing on a par
with how red the light glows inside your car

From the pages of Charmed, a White Lighter
I'm on the dashboard of kit from Night Rider

And if you listen to Pink, or Shirley Bassey
the uk extravaganza the M&S xmas ad for tv
You'll know "I can go for miles and miles..."

From the film Tron you are sure to have known
I can move faster than a supercharged electron
almost as if something from another dimension
passing thru gates & switches, I go on and on

Every person knows me, and drivers look for me
They want to know how fast they are travelling
They want to know how fast in the car to go
I silently keep them informed of the throbbing
the revs under the bonnet or long french capot

At great speeds, lying low on the faster roads
I'm even in the cockpits of passenger jumbo jets
flying at 30,000 feet or more, higher up above
flowing swiftly, flowing fast, graceful as I rove

Racing at 200KMH on the German autobahn
turn up the radio as it starts Golden Earring's
"Radar love" with words about forgotten song
music for those who been driving all night long

In France we finally arrive, nearing the tunnel
in Paris where Princess Diana did hit the rail
like someone straight out of a tragic fairy tale
On the stereo listen - to Billy Idol sing & roar
In the midnight hour, I want more, more, more

Enter the tunnel of light, steady as she goes

So you may have thought I had to be hard wired
for anything to get me excited, to get me fired
but as you can see here I never never get tired
when I'm in full flow and by you feeling inspired

The 130 mph electric roadster from Tesla Motors

With the acceleration of a Ferrari
Rich man’s toys - will one day soon translate into making
powerful electric cars available to the general public, one & all.

Electric motor made by Tesla Motors in Taiwan.
Assembled by Lotus Cars, Hethel, Norwich, England.
More on Tesla and other powerful electric cars from Impact Labs