Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Artes GEO Sat

Small GEO Platform contract signed

Mr Viriglio, ESA's Director of Telecommunication and Navigation, shakes hands with Professor Manfred Fuchs, CEO of OHB-System AG, in Berlin on 28 March 2007, officialising the signing with OHB/Germany of a €100 million framework contract to develop a European Small Geostationary Satellite platform for telecommunication missions.

With this initiative, ESA is supporting European industry in broadening the product portfolio range on offer on the commercial telecommunication satellite market, by covering a market segment where no optimised European solutions currently exist.

The “ARTES 11” programme was approved at the ministerial meeting of the ESA Council held in Berlin in December 2005 and currently eight of the Agency’s Member States are participants.
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