Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Morning Star Ritual

The Pawnee paid very close attention to the movement of the universe, but they also felt that for the universe to continue functioning, the Pawnee people had to perform regular ceremonies.

The most important ceremony of the Pawnee culture, the Spring Awakening ceremony, which was meant to awaken the earth and ready it for planting, can be tied directly to the tracking of celestial bodies. “The position of the stars was an important guide to the time when this ceremony should be held. The earth lodge served as an astronomical observatory and as the priests sat inside at the west, they could observe the stars in certain positions through the smokehole and through the long east-oriented entranceway. They also kept careful watch of the horizon right after sunset and just before dawn to note the order and position of the stars.”

The ceremony must be held at exactly the right time of year, when the priest first tracked “two small twinkling stars known as the Swimming Ducks in the northeastern horizon near the Milky Way”. The ceremony was a recreation of the events that led to the creation of the world, the forced mating of Morning Star with Evening star.

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