Saturday, July 07, 2007

Jumping Horse

Horse jumping by customcabv6

No matter how dark and grey
it may have been yesterday
the hot sun comes out to play

with its bright gold sunray

Tired from the previous day
Go wash the tiredness away
don't miss a single moment
of this glorious sunny day

The joy of living the joy of it all. No matter how we stumble or how bad the fall, there's always something to bring joy to the thrill of it all. Darn, sometimes it's good simply to be alive to the thrill of it all.

There are things we cannot change and there are things we can. The measure of the man or the measure of our life is what we do with it, not what we could have done or what we did not do, but what we DO.
Hope you all get to catch a glimpse of Live Earth - Enjoy!