Monday, June 05, 2006



Some Scientists do Science with 'brutal' disregard & contempt for Nature, and our surrounding environment.
Some Scientists do Science to preserve the beauty & life that is in Nature, and our surrounding environment.

Human activity affects our environment.

That human activity affects our immediate environment, is not only recorded and well catalogued, but is evident wherever we go.

Whether it be the simple collection of litter & rubbish to keep our immediate surrounds clean & healthy, which has led local councils, County councils and even governments to join the 'green' revolution and tug at the strings of the individual and the collective conscious, regarding more recycling of household waste, to better waste management & reductions in landfill sites.

To the Exxon Valdez disaster but to name one, which hit the world press and media, and self-evident to anyone who has seen the impact of oil spills on our beaches & ocean or sea life. They are evident to anyone who has seen the impact on our rivers & waters.

In those places where the 'green' revolution has tugged the strings of the individual & collective conscious, we have seen how with time and subsidies from the Federal Governments, or in the case of the EU countries from EU funds, we have brought back to life stagnant rivers, polluted with heavy industrial waste & waste from intensive farming. We have seen the efforts of conservationists and environmentalists, restore deltas and river mouths again to their natural state with teeming wildlife: fauna & flora, fish & fowl.

Human activity may be contributing to climate change.

Skeptics at first responded by claiming that climate change did occur in geological time frame, ie: over long periods of time, but was not related to human activity.

As evidence grows that human activity may indeed be a contributing factor to climate change in a shorter time frame, that is in our lifetime, the only counter-argument now left to the remaining skeptics appears to be, that any change is only evidence that climate change does occur in geological time, ie: over long periods in time scale and therefore not related to human activity, and that any evident changes are simply 'coincidental' in the shorter time frame.

Whether coincidental or not, the concensus is mounting, that we need to look at the impact human activity may have not only on our local environment, but also our global environment, and that measures need to be taken wherever possible not to aggravate or have a negative impact on cyclical climate trends, tilting the balance to evermore chaotic climate extremes, increasing the intensity & frequency of hurricanes, and the ensuing catastrophic results to plant and animal habitats. Human habitats not being exempt from the damage & havoc the forces of nature can and do cause.

BBC Climate Chaos Season
Even David Attenborough in the BBC Climate Chaos Season, agrees that the more evident effects of human activity: CO2 emissions & greenhouse gases may be seriously contributing to climate change in a much shorter Time Frame, ie: in Our World Planet Earth in Our Lifetime.
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