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Symmetry in Supergravity

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An attempt of a Unified Field Theory using acceleration in place of gravitation. Let us now explain that fermions have mass, weight and charge. Let us also explain that bosons have no mass, weight and charge. Now back to the subject at hand, mass in a gravitational field is directly related to the effects of that gravitational field. Mass in an acceleration field is directly related to the effects of that acceleration field. In other words mass has a symmetrical relationship with acceleration and gravitational fields. The mass itself does not know the difference and therefore the effects upon the mass are the same. An acceleration or a gravitational field can vary depending upon the origin.

Gravity is due to a change in the curvature of space-time produced by the presence of matter. Matter accelerating creates 'pseudo gravity' or a change in the curvature of space-time. In the vacuum of space, if the means of mass acceleration stops the mass will then be riding on a soliton wave of gravitons and will maintain a constant velocity unless disturbed by a gravitational field.

The patent could possibly be a macroscopic conjecture of supergravity. If operating in a 'super-conducting' environment, the four armatures can be four new generators that "behave" as spinors and vary as a function of the propagation translation. The concept of an electric motor to generate translational force provides us with the means to propagate systems over vast distances in space. Electric power can be generated with no need to refuel rocket systems; explaining the benefits of "Supergravity a Supersymmetry."

An good example of systems moving in zero gravity of space would be the orbits of two planets around Barnard's star. They cause the wobble of the Star's observed motion. This system makes Barnard's star travels in a erratic wave fashion that was first discovered by Barnard.
The force between the Earth and it's moon is generated by a flood of virtual gravitons being exchanged between the two bodies. This force is completely dynamic in nature just as the Universe is dynamic and not static.

The development of a theory of gravitation based on the exchange of gravitons and the unification of this theory with the GUT (Grand Unified field Theory) is the task that this generation of inventors like Mr. Navarro have undertaken.

Energy in the vacuum of space is abundant and available. According to modern physics, a vacuum isn't a pocket of nothingness. It churns with unseen activity. Bosons are continually flowing and communicating with masses over vast distances in space. Gravitons spend most of their time patiently waiting for masses to accelerate with, however they are never fully at rest.
Gravitons and Bosons are the "Missing Dark Matter" in our universe.
Gravity can be created by acceleration, either rotational or linear. We shall call this gravity created from acceleration pseudo gravity. Stop the acceleration and the pseudo gravitational field is gone.

Power can be turned on to an electromagnet creating a flow of photons that generate the magnetic field. Shut the power off and the magnetic force field dissipates. The bosons are already present to the vacuum of space or any gravitational field.
These scalar fields occupy all space and do not contradict the established laws of physics. Space and Time is the same everywhere. Einstein devoted the last 30 years of his life in search for a "unified field theory," which would unite space-time and gravitation with Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism.

Unified field theory [Thomas L. Navarro]
A theory which attempts to express asymmetrical binary system/systems acceleration about a axis of rotation and electromagnetism within a single unified framework. This attempt is to validate Einstein's general theory of relativity with a theory of acceleration in place of gravitation. These new theories from F=MA Inc. implements the acceleration field from asymmetric binary systems rotating about a center axis unified with new technologies in electromagnetism.

Like other physical symmetries, extended supergravity can also be viewed in terms of a "superparticle" with an arrow in an auxiliary space of many dimensions. As the arrow rotates, the particle becomes in turn a graviton, a gravitino, a photon, a quark and so on. The quanta of all the forces are present in the universe, and they are unified, or derived from a common source, the virtual cosmos of bosons that is occupied with billions of galaxies of fermions.

The four forces of nature are the following:
(1) Strong force with a strength of one, a short range, acts on particles called quarks, and the virtual particle exchanges are gluons, and the nature of force between identical particles is repulsive.
(2) Electromagnetic force with a strength of ten to the negative squared, a long range, acts on particles electrically charged, and the virtual particle exchange are photons, and the nature of force between identical particles is repulsive.
(3) Weak force with a strength of ten to the negative fifth, a short range, acts on particles of electrons, neutrinos and quarks, and the virtual particle exchange are intermediate vector bosons, and the nature of force between identical particles is repulsive.
(4) Gravitational force with a strength of ten to the negative thirty-ninth, a long range force, acts on all particles, and the virtual particle exchange are gravitons, and the nature of force between identical particles is attractive.

Particles with half-integer spin (such as 1/2, 3/2, 5/2) are fermions, and they obey the exclusion principle formulated by Pauli, which states that no two identical fermions can occupy the same point in space or more generally, the same quantum state. This force explains the stability of white-dwarf stars and neutron stars, which without it would collapse into black holes under the attractive gravitational force.

Particles with integer spin, such as bosons have statistics are entirely different. The fact that two or more bosons occupy the same point in space or the same quantum state. Such superpositions of many identical bosons can lead to macrospic observable effects. For example, laser light is superposition of many photons with the same energy and direction. Let us look at a small amount of mass at rest; now let's accelerate this mass; it becomes more massive or gains kinetic energy from acceleration, and a simple explanation of this event is the gravitons have accumulated on the mass as the mass accelerates giving the mass the kinetic energy equals one half the mass times the velocity squared. If a small amount of mass is tossed at you from my hand, it has minimum amount of kinetic energy, however if it is accelerated somehow to a higher velocity towards you, the small amount of mass can suddenly become destructive, because it has gained kinetic energy, or quite simply accumulated gravitons, and it is wise to avoid the impact of this small amount of mass. The gravitons (bosons) have through their attractive nature joined the mass (fermions) as it accelerates, in the gravitational fields of earth, (or out in deep space far removed from any gravitational field).

Bosons tend to be associated with force. Two or more bosons can occupy the same space, whereas fermions are associated with matter. Gravitons are bosons and positively gather together. There is no objection to any number of them sharing the same space. The gain of mass as a fermions is the gravitons joining the fermions as it accelerates, the faster the fermions accelerates the more gravitons jump on to join the fermions.


The world's most powerful accelerator of electrons is at Stanford in California. This great electric gun two miles long; the electrons emerge from the 'muzzle' about 40,000 times heavier than when they started. All of that extra mass is energy of motion. The electrons (fermions) have accumulated gravitons (bosons). Gravitons are attracted to mass under acceleration and make the electron emerge 40,000 times heavier.

Now you see how simple it is. It has always been in plain view, as a car has more mass when in motion than when at rest.

Supersymmetry unites bosons and fermions into a single theory.
Gravitons cannot be seen; they are responsible for kinetic energy being equal to 1/2 the mass times the velocity squared.

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