Sunday, June 11, 2006


I still know, that any experiment inside the existing universe, can only attempt to replicate what 'may' have happened, not what DID happen. No different from using film, graphics, animation or drawings to describe an idea (theory) or concept.

Since Einstein, and long before, we have taken for granted that we live in a 4 dimensional world, the 3 dimensions (coordinates) plus Time.

On old film or digital film nowdays, we replicate 3D + Time on 2D + Time, albeit we are progressing with 3D simulations & holographics . But we cannot separate Time, though of course film freezes 'time' and simulations can be replayed in time.

Is yesterday frozen in Time? can it be replayed?
Is tomorrow already to be in Time?

Well, evidently it is on 2D. On film we can replay recordings of Einstein or Feynman.People are making videos, and blogs of their life and thoughts. We can revisit these images + thoughts.
Of course we are alone or in limited numbers at these events, and we cannot alter the events, as we do by replay a video game - even then you are only altering the outcome to the possibilities even if randomised, held by the computer. Of course one can go back and alter the text in yesterday's blog today. see next>>>

Therefore, I would propose that multiverses do exist. These multiverses though called parallel world would not be (are not) 'parallel' in the sense of the word as we know it or use it, since they would be in a different Time Frame. But they are not alternative lives of ourselves, but past lives, to which if we could travel through some time machine or video game, we would 'simply' relive the moment. The old 'Deja Vu' symptom or principle. The feeling of having been somewhere or done something before as in Groundhog Day, as opposed to 'flashback' we might have of what we did yesterday but still in Real Time or today.

I know this is at a different 'level' to what Sean at Cosmic Variance and the Peripheral Institute talks are discussing: trying to argue re Natural (or single) Universe, versus string theory and multiverse. But it is also what some are trying to prove or disprove at subatomic level.

Again I return to the Paradox, we are looking at the past in Space the Space at night, yet we are revolving into the future, and yet can 'allegedly' remain in contact with someone or something which or who is travelling into the past, whilst we continue to revolve into the future on Earth? - Only following the premise below, that what we are in contact with is in the same Time Frame, even if in yet more disparate Time Zones.

The premise of communication on Earth is that we are revolving or moving thru space + time, in the same Time Frame, even if in (from) different Time Zones.

This of course, irrelevant to the beauty and magic of Auroras, Solar Rays, and other phenomena which we can 'behold' with our eyes, and film or replicate on film, and in labs.

Sorry, having the program about German Scientists & Roswell in the background trying to explore inconclusively whether the USAF had achieved interstellar speeds (joke) or whether interstellar visitors were interacting with earth (joke) doesn't quite allow me to distinguish whether I've made myself clear above. Nor does the fact that the USAF "Aurora Project" may or may not have created propulsion engines which can reach speeds of Mach 6 and over.

The film Triangle the other night, did try to deal with the concept of Time Ripples and the Bermuda triangle, (phenomena?) albeit on a very low budget.

And finally a multiverse Universe, where there are parallel universes where we are someone or something other than 'ourselves' or who we are today, would simply prove the concept of reincarnation as in the hindu sacred texts, and the concept of soul migration as in the context of native american shamanism. For if parallel universes do exist, it is only logical to think that some have acquired the skill or ability (non-physical science) to transcend these barriers with the Mind.

Whether Physics and the transporter from the star trek series and star trek movies or the gateway in SGI allow us to move our 'corporeal' bodies and matter thru these time portals, is still science fiction - but would not be taking us to 'parallel' worlds, but to 'other' worlds, Like a plane at an airport takes you to another destination, a lift takes you to the hundredth & twenty second floor on a skyscraper, or a taxi takes you to whatever concert, event or date. Honey, I hope to be there soon, traffic allowing.

It does not negate and clearly cannot and does not deny the possibility or concept of Mind travel or soul migration, without the transportation or teletransportation of body or matter.

In point of fact it ratifies the possibility, since one can always do with the Mind things long before one can get the Body to follow. Ask any wind surfer, skate boarder, snow boarder, gymnast or circus trapeze artist. And indeed Lisa it makes a wonderful world of bunny holes "Alice in Wonderland" faeries, unicorns, and little elves possible not just in the 'realm' of the imagination and on film but in the 'physical world' in other dimensions.