Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cosmic Repair

Coming Storm

It is from below that the movement starts, and thereafter is all perfected. If the community of People failed to initiate the impulse, the One above would also not move to go to the People. It is thus the yearning from below which brings about the completion above.

I heard a convincing argument.
It concerned the strange thoughts which come to a man in the midst of his prayer. They come from the mystery of the broken vessels and the 288 sparks which need to be clarified everyday. They appear in order to be repaired and elevated. The strange thought which appears one day is different from that of another day. I was taught that one must pay close attention to this matter. Thus I learned how to repair these thoughts, even if they are thoughts about women. One should elevate all thoughts and make them cleave to their source, The Divine Emanation.

The Soul descended from its glorious abode and became enrobed in the physical, so that no matter what noble spiritual perceptions the soul reaches, once robed in the physical, these perceptions are all subject to the limitations of time and space.

Seeking thus to mine the wealth of one's soul,
thus may one approach the Soul of the Universe.

Photo of Coming Storm, Newport Beach California by
Rob Harrington @ Controlled Chaos