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Dimensions 4

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The question was actually intended to be, read as, or mean:

Does string theory: Lisa Randall & Lubos et al, think these subatomic forces and fields will be encountered (exist?) in the greater cosmos. ie: will space ships encounter and be affected by relatively speaking 'giant' strings & gravitons the size of galaxies and planets, - see angle and perspective of galaxy pic below - in these other 'dimensions' currently invisible to us in outer space - which is where some people's thinking and current thought is leading.

Dimensions (3+1): height, length, width + Time.

Three dimensions are all we see -- how could there be any more? Einstein's general theory of relativity tells us that space can expand, contract, and bend. If one direction were to contract down to an extremely tiny size, much smaller than an atom, it would be hidden from our view. If we could see on small enough scales, that hidden dimension might become visible.

See Plato for dimensional-referencing

At the very least, quantum gravity ought to describe physics on the smallest possible scales. Easy to find with dimensional analysis: Build a quantity with the dimensions of length using the speed of light, Planck's constant, and Newton's constant. Whether quantum gravity will yield a revolutionary shift in quantum theory, general relativity, or both remains to be seen.

Are experiments in a collider or accelerator really representative of Nature & the lanscape in the big dark expanse of the cosmos or the known Universe.

Or are they more representative of the cosmos and the known Universe or the 'physical' reality - in the same way that films, animations and video games are representative of life outside in the real world?

Quantum gravity is the field devoted to finding the microstructure of spacetime. Is space continuous? Does spacetime geometry make sense near the initial singularity? Deep inside a black hole? These are the sort of questions a theory of quantum gravity is expected to answer. The root of our search for the theory is an exploration of the quantum foundations of spacetime.

Do black holes exist? - do they lead to other universes?
Or are black holes matter where the mass of Sun or Star are compressed to the size of an ultra high density marblesized small sphere with the gravitational (magnetic?) field of the previous 'visible' Sun or Star.

Does information pass through a blackhole? - if not even light can escape a blackhole, then what information can possibly escape a blackhole?

Are we being metaphysical? - what goes past at death from the physical world to the Spirit world: memories, emotions, feelings? Preferences in tastes: music, fashion, flavours, smells ...

Picture credit: STSci & Hubble Heritage

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