Saturday, July 01, 2006

The True Path

"Daydreams" by Leonard Parkin

The True path is straight, depending on an individual's concentration. He must know how to concentrate on its truth with attachment of thought and desire derived from its unfathomable power. According to the strength of his concentration, he will then transmit power through his desire, desire though his knowledge, imagination through his thoughts, strength through his effort, and fortitude through his contemplation. When there is no other thought or desire intermingled with his concentration it can become so strong that it can transmit an influence from the Infinite ...
An individual thus ascends with the strength of his concentration from one thing to the next, until he reaches the Infinite.

Thanks to Amara, for the picture.
Do I see an ant climbing up the string (fishing line)
Have a beautiful weekend!
That particular poster (tattered on my wall in my Roma office too) is by an artist named Leonard Parkin and is titled “Daydreams”. The printing on the poster says: 1988 Daydreams Unlimited, 433 E. Broadway, Salt Lake City. The poster doesn’t have a copyright symbol, but perhaps it should. I tried a Google search to find the artist or the printing company and wasn’t successful. - Amara Graps @ amara dot com