Monday, June 26, 2006

Sonic Booms 2

hmmmm lets try this:

"string" instruments and scales follow mathematical sequences as do "wind" instruments producing sound waves, even electronic instruments, keyboards can be programmed.

So music the playing (art or maths) becomes sound (sience) physics. Not all musicians are physicists or scientists, and there are many many rythms 'styles' and 'tastes' 'flavours' 'colours' 'moods' in (of) music, or creation of sound.

Some strings or chords are dissonant, out of tune or not in harmony.

Ultimately what does the most uptodate Microsoft system do that Apple does not, and viceversa. They may use different codes or gimmicks and particular/specific features, but incrementally they both incorporate each others.

Who is better Airbus or Boeing, do they not by enlarge incorporate the same features, whilst trying to remain individual + identifiable forms of mass transport.

I think more important and ODD is that both Leonard Susskind & Lee Smolin appear to have accepted the eggtray view of the Megaverse, with multiple pocket universes - edge145 - they only differ in how we travel to these (1) over himalayan ridges, or (2) thru blackholes, in our 'pocket' universe.

Evident differences exist here. I do not agree wholly with either Leonard Russkind or Lee Smolin, or in fact with those things on which they both agree on. Like most people out there I agree on some points and differ on others with both.
I don't view them as other pocket universes at all, and we do not travel to them via blackholes. Blackholes are not holes but possibly craterlike absence of previous Suns or Stars.

Other dimensions in The One Universe.
Some we may be able to travel to physically with science and technology, ie: microscopic, macroscopic or sub-atomic dimensions. Gravitational forces at sub-atomic level and the world of microbiology, disease and nanotechnology.
Some we cannot travel to physically, but beyond physics metaphysically or in the spirit. Take death, no one can physically open the door to the otherside or physically open the door back.

The 4Dimensional space/time co-ordinates are sufficient for global communications purposes, buy are insufficient to configure the Universe, for practical or travel purposes.
These 4Dimensions may (and probably can/do) encapsulate 10Dimensions at subatomic level, as defined by Lisa Randall in her book Warped Passages

We first need to complete a theoretical hypothesis of how the various obstacles, gravitational pull and orbits will affect the routes before we can embark on safe galactic or intergalactic travel in those dimensions.

Photo courtesy of Louise Riofrio @ riofriospacetime