Thursday, June 22, 2006


Quasar9 Perspectives: Atoms, black holes & Time
Joe Fitzimons talks about the greeks and atoms
John Baez gives us length scales in physics, Sean @ cosmic variance gives us a scale model of a proton inside the eleven mile hydrogen atom.
Bad Astronomy and Enceladus show perspectives of what Earth looks like from Mars, a white dot in the sky.

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Time. Relativity & relative Time
Aaaah, the wanting to do everything and be everywhere that sometimes grips us.

Yep, strange world we live.There really 'are' parallel worlds if not parallel universes.
1) Customer services answer phones
2) Call centres from (in) India
3) Magic bullet pharmacy

and, last but not least

4) Remote, from video link doctors (GPs) appointments, and surgery

Star Trek's next generation holographic doctor, here we come.
Funny how everyone wants to earn as much as a 'doctor' but few people have time to deal with real patients or 'real' problems. I know most of people's problems are in the Mind, but it never ceases to amaze me how technical and electronic or 'physical' problems, like the phone problems, blog glitches or databases, do 'actually' get resolved.

Oh yes I do. People working long hours and overtime against the clock, with hardly any sleep.

One day when I was young, I did my 13 and one half hour shift, rushed round to get my new speedboat, towed it to the harbour, launched it, raced it round to the beach, posed and had a cold drink at the bar with friends, started getting windy so raced back to the harbour, stopped a passenger ferry who seeing me in distress in the brewing storm let me thru', took the boat back to shed. Changed, went for my flying lesson and almost fell asleep at 5,000 feet. Got home and had no time to sleep before going back to work. Lost the job, lost the 4x4, the speedboat, the apartment, and the girlfriend, all in one fell swoop, or overdose of euphoric adrenalin & excitement, turned into one bad hair day. lol!

But hey live and learn. All in a days play or work. You just get up, dust yourself down and try again. So when you work, work hard and rest, and when you play play hard and fast. But warning don't try and do both or ALL at the same time. Lest you end up with time and nothing to do.