Friday, June 16, 2006


Are we really no more than ants on this planet, to be washed away by the next storm, hurricane, typhoon, tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruption?

Ants labour all day, in some pre-determined or perceived pursuit of 'relative' progress, and yet all their labours can be, and do get, washed away by the next downpour. Is man's continued striving for survival, greatness or economic success, anymore than a futile justification for purpose or existence. Vanity, vanity, it is all vanity. And does it all matter anyway.

Previous world wars have been justified by some darwinian philosophers as the necessary 'human sacrifice' or natural selection to reduce the prolific growth of the human population. Is it possible the current natural disasters, are warnings that man's relentless demand on nature and nature's resources, is more than nature is willing to provide, or rather, than a perceived darwinian superior race, or thirstier economy might be willing to share.

Are the famines, earthquakes & tsunamis that have wiped away hundreds of thousands any less man made than the politico-economic man made disasters that have swept through Africa and elsewhere in the past, and still do today.

Is it all some mysterious force or 'hidden hand' -
that can casually wipe away so many people. And without being morbid, let us not forget that no one single act, whether invasion of Iraq, nor the south east asian tsunami, nor the kashmir earthquake, approximate to the real numbers of people who die every day from natural causes or other. No, you may not want to think about it, but if you were to die today, you would not be alone. You would only be one among three hundred thousand humans that will die in the next 24 hour period, or 100 million that will die next year.

Yes, the cold hard reality is 30 to 50 million americans in the US will die in the next decade, without the need for any major 'natural' or 'man made' disasters, and wars.

So, is it all random chaos -
is it all the cycle of life, is it a matter of survival of the fittest? No, not as in the most physically fit, but as in the most economically advanced economies. For graphs on life expectancy in the first or developed world, and the life expentancy in Africa. see google's gapminder

Should we all just plough through, or plough on, regardless, thankful that we are the ones to wake up tomorrow - or as the saying goes: "eat, drink, for tomorrow we die"

Is life, and reality, really only what you see -
you only get one life, so don't think about it, don't waste it, seize the moment, just live it, and DIE. Or are we being led by the 'nose' like the blind led by the proverbial blind "off the edge of the cliff". Should, we in fact be dedicating much more time considering what comes after life, for after all as another saying goes: "you are going to be dead a long time"

Or is it really only a question of survival -
that despite the chaos which exists on planet Earth, random earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, hurricanes, the human spirit will overcome whatever nature throws at it. Whether it be extreme weather: snow covered and freezing winters in New York, followed by blistering hot summers, man will seek out or provide the answers. That is the nature of 'man'.

Flood defences in Shanghai, flood defences in London, flood defences in Holland, flood defences in New Orleans, are these simply the activities of man ants, waiting for the next disaster or wave to overpower, are they the reason for man's living, existence & economic purpose.

Is man as in quantum physics, the observer who 'determines' or 'perceives' whether it be waves or matter hits the second wall? - is man determining events that occur by simply observing?.

We all know it is relative which events we watch, no one can watch all known channels or psicho-babble in the tower of bable known as tv. No man or woman can watch all the up & coming sporting events, no man can attend all the summer events & concerts. And yet clearly each one of these is pertinent, relevant or even the reason of living or life absorbing (consuming) according to the preferences of each. Make your preference what you will.

If home is where the heart is,
then let your heart & home be in eternity.

And if you know this is directed to you, maybe we shall share some time, and even reach the same destination you + I, and all those others who in the past shared the same interest, and those who share the same ultimate interest today, and those who shall share the same interest in the future, we shall find, also there at the ultimate destination or event. For human life is a journey on the space ship called Planet Earth, until other forms of space travel are devised.

Peace be with you!