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Science is a Religion
Many Sciences
Many Religions One Truth

Very much enjoyed reading the dialogue!

The human mind and its commentary on the Divine!

I am a physicist and also what most of this crowd would probably call a fundamentalist Christian by which I mean that I believe the Bible … i.e. that its logical interpretation is the truth always. What is so interesting to me in reading these type of conversations is that the same science which will cause me to be completely overwhelmed with awe for the brilliance of my God, will cause others to confirm their faith in His inexistence.

Have any of you experienced this same quandry?

I don’t believe that (in all but arguably an infinitesimal sampling of cases) scientific arguments found, form, or motivate our beliefs about God or lack thereof. I don’t think I could prove that to an athiest but let me share my perspective. In my experience, the value of the most brilliant human argument or achievement (scientific or otherwise) that I have ever in my life comprehended … seems a mere speck of dust in comparison to the moment that the God of the Universe touches you and you see even merely a hint of a glimpse of a small fraction of the shadow of the God who created us all.

Then at that moment, all you can do is fall on your face
and say: “Holy is the Lord God Almighty”.

And then you’ve seen Him… and you know Him…. and argument in comparison seems foolishness. This is certainly not the kind of argument a scientist wants to hear… but I hope it will happen for you one day. And I thought in any case it might be interesting to hear this perspective.

Now, would I believe God if I found Him to be contradictory to the observable and repeatable laws and logic of science? Obviously I believe in the value of science and spend my every work day in that pursuit, so I see pure science as truth as well.

Honestly I don’t find myself facing a quandry there very often (where God and science collide). If you believe in a God who spoke the universe into existence, it is a small leap of faith to believe in occasional miracles here on this planet as recorded in the Bible. Many scientists claim religion is ludicrous, this I don’t find and sometimes fall back on the argument of the many brilliant scientists who have believed in God. It’s not the best argument, but after having these debates over and over with people on scientific issues, I find that even if I win the logical debate, it does not alter the person’s perspective. And so I come back to my original statement that science does not found, form, or motivate our beliefs about God…

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