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Double Paradox - Several thousand years ago in a language long dead and forgotten, no one can remember how it was spoken, or even what it may have looked like in written form, someone wrote:

"In the beginning God created the sky (Spirit) and the earth (matter). The earth was empty and had no form. Darkness covered the ocean (Space), and God's Spirit was moving over the water.

Then God said: "Let there be light."

Several years ago some physicists attempt to recreate this moment, inside an 'existing' Universe: The First Few Microseconds, by Michael Riordan and Willaim A. Zajc

The second paradox: if when we look at space we are looking at the past, yet we can/do intend to travel thru it, in (into) the future?

The third paradox: our future is the past to a distant (future) observer, our present is the future to some distant (past) observer.

Remove Time (time frame) and all the observes are in the same 'place' - some looking at the present, some the past, some the future.

The fourth Paradox: Travelling distance thru Time at the speed of light in Time , and Time travel (as in travel outside time) are not the same.

The answer to the language you know.
Translations thru time into greek, into latin, into now just about every modern language, or even computer languages/code, and some older languages (tongues) which had no written language a few centuries ago, ie: euskara, etc...
It'd be interesting to know the language of heaven. No, not english as those who created the British Empire thought (and may still do). I'm guessing as with the first apostles one would understand any language spoken to one, and whatever one 'spoke' would be understood by all observers (hearers) regardless of their native tongue, and without the need of any electronic voice box or translator. But that would deny so many 'translators' + programmers a purpose in life (as we know it).

Einstein said: "Since there exist in this four dimensional structure [space-time] no longer any sections which represent "now" objectively, the concepts of happening and becoming are indeed not completely suspended, but yet complicated. It appears therefore more natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence, instead of, as hitherto, the evolution of a three dimensional existence." as we know it.

Searching or looking for another dimension to Open.
Not more dimensions in addition to 3D+Time, which some theoretical physicists are looking at (for), but removing time. Yep that is right, as particle physicists try to discover the peculiarities which differentiate gravitational and magnetic fields in nature from those at subatomic levels, and some hope with the results from colliders they shall be able to further theorise or prove that there are gaps in our knowledge, the existence of other dimensions in the cosmos, otherwise unknown (or hidden) to the naked eye and current technology or 'knowledge', could open dimensions in which the physical laws are different to the laws of physics as known in the One Universe, it is only logical to deduce or conclude that a dimension outside Time itself does exist, where the laws of ageing or decay say, do NOT exist. But you still have Motion & emotion.

Not even out on the periphery
like some of the folk at cosmic variance claim to be, but outside or beyond the 'constraints' of the periphery altogether. The periphery being the presumed limits of the Universe which sets the constraints.

Looking at reality, as if it were on tv, where the 3D film narrates the 'entire' life of a character (actor/actress), whereas in Real Time the film only lasts 2 hours. Except it doesn't last any time at all - outside Real Time.

Not wanting to be godlike,
but rather to explain how a God can be everywhere, omnipresent. A concept some people have dismissed, and often argued against, because they cannot grasp the concept that because 'we' are in time, caught up in time, and cannot think outside the physical box, the 3D + Time Box.

And yet Time is relative not 'concrete'. Some days six hours can seem an eternity, yet other days we look back and wonder where the last six or even sixty years have gone.

Thanks Plato for your Time, and I do delve further into the blog, and deeper into the posts. "Illuminating!"

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