Saturday, June 24, 2006

Source of Life

Make yourself right
Meditate in a special place where your voice cannot be heard by others. Cleanse your heart and soul of all other thoughts in the world. Imagine that at this time your soul is separating itself from your body, and that you are leaving the physical world behind so that you enter the future world that is the source of life.
An individual thus ascends with the power of his concentration from one thing to the next, until he reaches the Infinite

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The Infinite, not wishing to come down to the extenal senses, sends His own words [logoi] or angels to give assistance to those who love virtue. They attend like physicians to the diseases of the soul, apply themselves to heal them, offer sacred recommendations like sacred laws, and invite humans to practice the duties inculcated by them. Like the trainers and wrestlers, they implant in their pupils strength and power and irresistible vigour
You are one resonant harmonious string.
You are one vibrant pulsating string in (of) the universe.
You are one conscious string/stream of motion & emotion.

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